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Saturday, January 3, 2009

carnival of sexuality - January 3, 2009

Welcome to the January 3, 2009 edition of carnival of sexuality.

Michael presents Project Hitchhiker » “Come On My House!” — Love Hotels, Sexy Engrish, and Quote-Unquote “Research” posted at project hitchhiker.

bob presents Fail School: Life lessons you wish you could learn posted at Failschool, saying, "guide to giving a female an orgasm"

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room in the House posted at Joyful Journey Productions.

Vickie Sloderbeck presents A Day in the Life of Your Husband posted at Joyful Journey Productions.

Tali presents Stylish First Ladies - Pinups in the White House posted at Tali, saying, "From Jackie O to Michelle Obama, first ladies are stylish, formidable women. Here’s a look at stylish first ladies - pinups in the white house."

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Reignite Your Sexual Relationship posted at Joyful Journey Productions.

Chris presents Dojo Leader, or Dominatrix? A Field Guide posted at Martial Development, saying, "What is the difference between martial artists and BDSM players? Find out here."

Cheat-Proof Your Relationship presents How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship posted at How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship.

Tali presents Bettie Page - This Revolution Will Happen Between Your Thighs! posted at Tali, saying, "Most articles don’t elaborate on the standard Wikipidia article. I’d like to do something a little different, to contribute to the flood of eulogious articles and take a look at this fascinating 1950’s sexual icon."

MikeC presents Do the Sex Map | A Lust For Life posted at A Lust For Life, saying, "Do the sex map!"

Cary Anderson presents Improving Your Marriage Resume posted at Find Love, saying, "For many women, the quest to find a husband is just as important as their career. Whether you realize it or not, in the same way you have a career resume, you have a marriage one too!"

Tali presents Top 6 Christmas Beefcake - Where’s the Beef?! posted at Tali, saying, "Beefcake searches always leave me wanting, especially at Christmas time. Could it be that only gay men consume beefcake?"

Greg Laden presents The natural basis for gender inequality posted at Greg Laden's Blog.

Tali presents New Year’s Summation: Top 10 Articles of The Pinup Blog posted at Tali, saying, "You love them and I cant argue with you! For your enjoyment; It’s the top 10 articles of The Pinup Blog!"

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